Photo Assignments

Ted Forbes, from the Art of Photography Channel on You Tube, regularly features work submitted to him for his Photo Assignment challenges. Below are some videos showing some of the work submitted so far.


Photo Assignment #13 deals with self-portraits in photography. Looking  back on the history of photography this phenomenon isn't just limited to  people with iPhones.


Photo Assignments! This is number 11 and it deals with a photography  composition technique called "Subframing". Essentially subframing is  using elements in your composition to frame up the subject - its like a  picture in a picture. There are many ways to use this technique, you can  be subtle or more obvious, but its an excellent way to create more  depth in your photography composition.

Positive and Negative Space in Photography Composition

Positive and negative space are compositional elements  that describe what's important in a photograph or visual composition and  what is supportive.  

Positive space is usually the subject of your photography - its where  you want to draw the eye of the viewer. The space this takes up in the  composition is referred to as Positive Space. 

Negative Space refers to  things like the background and supportive elements. Negative Space has a  role beyond just staying out of the way. 

STILL LIFE in Photography

Here is photo assignment #8 - this time we will be looking at various  examples and context for Still Life as it applies to photography.

RED - Using Color Palettes In Photography

Understanding color and using a color palette approach to composition  can give more power to your photos, particularly when you want to use  accent colors. Limiting these palettes can draw the viewer in to your  photo and make a bold statement.