APG Photography Training


We want to help you to improve

Unlike  most camera clubs, we offer a free package of training workshops for  APG members. To help us do that, we have set up our own dedicated  training centre in Little Brington, where we can teach up to 8 members  the various key skills required to become a photographer.


The STEP Approach

We divide the skills you need for photography inot 4 STEPs and our talks, training, outings and workshops focus on helping our members these different skills. By mastering each of the 4 STEPs you can become a better photographer.


Web Training

We have searched the web and found trainers who provide excellent training videos, including:
- Photos in Color
- The Art of Photography
- Tony & Chelsea Northrup

APG Photography Training

Seeing The Image


Learning to see photographically is  one of the most difficult aspects of photography. We have regular talks about this subject in our meetings and have a range of useful videos to help you learn. 

Taking The Image


Learning how to use your camera and understanding all of those controls and menu settings is essential. We offer workshops to teach you the basic camera skills and offer a set of videos to teach you about your camera.

Enhancing The Image


In these videos you will learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos in order to create create great images that you will proud to share. 

Presenting The Image


In these videos you will learn how to print your photos, create photobooks and audio-visual presentations. 

The videos will be available soon.

Here's what some of our members have said about our training workshops...

"We have learnt so much from the two basic camera skills workshops, that would have taken years to understand without your super teaching skills." - RM

"Thank you for today,  a lovely relaxed atmosphere, extremely enjoyable, learnt lots as always." - FB

"It's quite extraordinary just how far the workshops and the meetings have elevated my photographic skills." - RD

"Many thanks. I think you struck exactly the right level for us,. Just need to find the manual sometime. Really enjoyed the session and getting to know more of the other people who are at a similar level as us." - TH

"I had thought I was fairly well informed, but the Workshop was a lightbulb moment. I know different now!" - TL