Training - Presenting your Images

APG Workshops

Far too many images never see the light of day as a final tangible product. This is a shame, as there is nothing like a beautiful printed photograph or a book containing your images. We can help you to transform your work into a range of final products.

Creating a Photo Book

We have already discussed the process for making a photo book at our evening meetings. If you would now like make your own book and would like help, why not ask us for a one-to-one workshop where we can work with you to design and lay out your book.

Fine Art Printing

"It's a printer - you just press the Print button and off you go". Oh, if only that were the case. This workshop explains how to create the best quality printed output using Lightroom. We cover soft proofing, the printer dialogue boxes, paper selection and everything else you need to create beautiful prints.

Training Videos

Blurb Books


We really love Blurb books. You can create the books using simple templates avaiable in Blurb's own software tools, or in Lightroom

Publish your book with Blurb

An intro to Blurb's newest indie publishing desktop app, Blurb BookWright.

Getting started with BookWright

Learn the key features of Blurb BookWright to help you quickly get started making your book.

How to make a book with BookWright layouts

How to make book covers with Blurb BookWright

How to work with images in Blurb BookWright

How to add and remove pages in your book

How to work with flowing text containers

How to add page numbers to your book

Lightroom: Book Module Features

Tutorial by Laura Shoe explaining all of the new features in the Book module of Lightroom - adding and formatting page numbers, saving custom page layouts,  and more.